• sugardrop from Tokyo Japan!!!

    "sugardrop" is a band that is doing playing music in Tokyo.

    basic sound of the band is "Loud guitar"&"Loud drums"&"Loud bass"

    In short it's "Loud"


    Late 80s~mid 90s Alternative Rock & Grunge

    mid 70s Punk, Late 70s Post Punk

    60s Garage Rock

    All times Pop songs

    These had an influenced on band.

  • Live info


    または sugardrop@outlook.jp までご連絡ください。

    Have no plan...

  • Sound Cloud

    sugardrop's Sound Cloud

  • Music video

    sugardrop Official YouTube Channel

    "you need someone"




  • 1st Album "sundaysunday"

    iTubes Storeにて1曲単位でDL購入いただけます。

  • 2nd Album "yeah right"

    iTubes Storeにて1曲単位でDL購入いただけます。

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    Feel Free!